Hero Bongs

Strong Glass and a series of smart filters make HERO bongs some of the smoothest bongs available. Whether you are looking for a 22″ glass piece for your living room, or a smaller percolator bong for your office, we have a hero for you!

What Makes A Hero?

Hero bongs are made with premium, heavy-duty industrial glass and finished with supreme, heavy-duty glass joints for a bong that will last you years and years. Next we add layers of filtration to make every Hero smooth. Buy combining the science of filtration with modern glass blowing techniques you can enjoy smooth smoke with great flavor again and again.

HERO Series Designs

All HERO Bongs come in four different series, the Signature Series, Blue Ice, White Ice and Rasta!

This is the smoothest bong I have ever tried. I’m using the HERO 3-Perc with the extra shower-head percolator and wow! Smoother is Better!


Ice Catchers

Every large HERO bong has ice catchers perfectly placed along the main tube. Drop in a few pieces of ice and enjoy a wonderful cooling effect.

What Makes A Hero Percolator?

Hero percolators are found in all percolator style HERO Bongs. Individually, HERO Percolators are intricate pieces of glass art. When you combine two or more percolators together you begin to create some of the smoothest smoke possible.

HERO Percolator Designs

All HERO Percolator Bongs utilize on or more of the HERO line of percolators. By combining percolators like the Honeycomb Percolator, the Shower-head Percolator and the Stereo Matrix Percolators work like a HERO to give you the smoothest smoke possible, again and again.

Amazing! I live my little HERO Mini. Its perfect to hide in the bathroom cabinet, and it works great. I love the percolators you make. The glass work is beautiful!


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