How To Fill Your Bong

If your bong isn’t filled properly. You’re going to have a bad time. Treat the bong well, and it will treat you well too!

Essentially there are two different ways to fill your bong, these will be explained next 🙂

Filling your bong is very easy to fill thru the mouth piece, if you have a well crafted bong, the water will run itself down to the main chamber. If possible, take out the stem or joint. This will make the water run in faster. Always ensure there is 1-2cm of water in the chamber (enough to allow the downstem to be in water.) As well, you should always have a thin layer of water to cover the honeycombs (or any other percolator filter.)

The water should not be so high that it gets in your mouth when you take a hit. If this happens, carefully drain a little bit of the water out. Remember, you just want the water to filter the smoke. You will get a much smoother, richer toke if you have less water.

There are two lines to filling your bong, the first explanation was filled to line 2, while this section is filled only to line 1. Here you will get great bubbles here!

Another way to fill your bong, is to fill it with water slightly less, and place ice cubes in the mouth piece/shaft. This way gives a much smoother, cooler hit,

How To Clean Your Bong

Percolator bongs are the bee’s knees, but they do need to be more regularly cleaned than regular bongs. It is very important to regularly clean your bong, for your own smoking experience!

First off you will need to choose a cleaning product. There are products made specifically for cleaning bongs, such as Formula 420. But you may also use rubbing alcohol. Please make sure you thoroughly rinse out the bong before use. There are also the low levels of cleaning your bong, such as using coke or sprite…But these are methods we don’t advise.

To clean your bong, pour a fair amount of rubbing alcohol onto the percolators and then cover with your hand and shake. This will loosen up any gunk stuck in the honeycombs. Please thoroughly clean your bong after cleaning. It is not safe to ingest alcohol.

Buds by buds to cleaning your bong;

Bud 1: The kitchen is the best place to clean your bong, pour hot (but not too hot!) water into the chamber of the bong. Allow the water to sit and discard after. You don’t want to use boiling water as the it may break the glass.

Bud 2: Add your cleaning agent into the bong (Formula 420, Rubbing Alcohol, Soda’s or even epsom salts!) mix with a little bit off water, cover the holes with your hand and shake! The shaking will help loosen up any stuck on gunk.

Bud 3: Repeat bud 2 until you reach your desired level of clean! If the water does get too dirty, of course dump out the dirty water and replace with more of your cleaning agent and water. Continue to shake the bong, tilting from side to side as to reach all areas.

Bud 4: Next you will need to ensure your bong is well rinsed out. Do this with warm water, shaking the same way as you did with the cleaning agent in the bong. The last thing you want is a bad tasting hoot from your clean bong! Yuck!

Bud 5: A lot of testing…

Regularly clean your bong, this way it’s a simple task instead of a hard chore!

Never use boiling water to clean your bong!

If you find it helps, use gloves to clean your bong. This will ensure no slippage happens!

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