Hero Grinder

Introducing The Awesome HERO Grinder

The grinder, the second most relevant piece to any good weed kit. (The first obviously being weed!) And, all jokes aside, will most likely last longer than your next relationship. Using a grinder is essential to getting the most out of your weed. Therefore I would like to introduce you to the HERO Grinder.

A HERO Grinder comes packed full of extras that will tickle the fancy of every stoner. From the daunting Rocky Mountains in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. To the sun kissed beaches of California, US. Prepare to have your weed chopped, diced, fluffed and stored all in one nifty little amigo. The time to come over to the busted side is now. And trust us, over here we have sweet Mary Jane. In her most desirable form; fluffy.

HERO Grinder

In addition to HERO Grinders extra large loading capacity. Separate storage compartment and the sought after kief collector. Every grinder comes with a lifetime warranty on their already razor sharp blades. Your weed will be the perfect consistency to roll, add to your pipe, bong or vaporizer. Because in the end, busted weed is easier to smoke. As well ensures your weed burns evenly.

Furthermore, here’s a little information on what to expect from your HERO Grinder;

  • Constructed with premium grade aluminum.
  • Equipped with razor sharp blades.
  • A durable 4 piece set up.
  • Separate storage area for busted weed.
  • Additional storage area for kief.
  • Bonus kief scraping tool included with every grinder!

These features are constructed in every HERO grinder. At absolutely no extra charge to you!

In conclusion, it is quite simple for one to see the many benefits of owning a grinder. But, adding a HERO Grinder to the mix? Well that our friends, well that is just pure genius. For more information on HERO grinders visit us online at HERO GRINDERS today!

Grind 1

2.5″  diameter 4 Part Aluminum Grinder

Grind 2

Medical Grade Aluminum with a life long guarantee on blades!

Grind 3

New bottom design allows for an easy clean, a scraper is included for an even easier clean!

Grind 4

Available in five awesome colors; Space Grey, Red, Silver, Champagne and Signature Black!

Gracious Grinder Testimonials

“I always grind my herb when adding it to my vape. Just seems to provide a smoother vape. The HERO Grinder creates perfect, fluffy buds that are not too small or fine”

David E.

Vaporizer Guru

“I like that its a larger sized grinder. Its easy to twist with the nice textured lid. The magnetic closure is also a smooth feature. Great Grinder!”

Michelle M.

Computer Analyst

“I used to use an electric coffee grinder, now, thanks to HERO Grinders, I do not even have to get up off the couch. The consistency is much better than my coffee grinder”

Alex S.


We want you to feel how effortless it is to use our 4 part HERO aluminum grinder.  With the lifetime guarantee on blades, its an easy choice. Get yours today!

Contact us today for more information!